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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This barn has been intriguing me on my drive to work daily. So ratty and rustic, yet so darn cool. I really wanted to shoot it in the starkest of winter days, yet did not have the courage to pull over and photograph this.

It is located on a dangerously busy and curvy road. Lies right on a blind curve, meaning if you were to take a stroll.....lets say to photograph this.... cars could not see you and you could not see them.

So winter in NY is NOT the time to be playing photographer wannabe with the snow covered icy roads.

In May, I got some courage up. Told my co-workers I was leaving and made a list of who was to get what should this be my last photo shoot.

It all worked out great, got my shots and I was happy. UNTIL I stepped back to my office. My desk was stripped clean. Office supplies gone, favorite coffee mug freshly washed - GONE. picture frames gone too - with MY photos left behind.

Bunch of office jokers and pranksters. Yeah real funny people. I'm still working on getting my stuff back!

Thanks to MelindaK of Scraps of Darkness for giving me this opportunity to play with the June kit. wow - tons of fun. You can tell from my gallery I am having a ball with it.

I used Dusty Attic chicken wire. The butterflies are from Scraps of Darkness, the background was made from paper towels that had been used to soak up excess Tattered Angels Glimmer mist - Olive green and other various colors. The I used Modpodge to adhere to the cardboard.

I made the trees by ripping a box, and glimmer misted old pattern tissue paper - like a dress pattern. then I modpodged the tissue paper to the cardboard.

Thanks again Scraps of Darkness and YOU for looking.