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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

Take a flat wooden plaque (it can be from Goodwill with some cheesy saying on it) Glue on your favorite grungeboard shapes ie: gears, 6Packs, etc. then cover the entire board with nice cheap air duct tape (reflective foil tape- get at Home Depot) then using the paper stumps, push down on all your shapes until they are easy to see through the foil. next use the Ten Seconds tools to make scratches, dots, dents, and lines all over the project to give it depth. Next step is to ink over the whole project (you can do the back if you want to display it on a shelf), I used 3 colors, you can use just one if you want. After the ink dries, you scratch/buff it off with steel wool. Lastly you add all your metal embellishments from Tim Holtz and its done! Doesn't it look like so much work? But its so fun and you just can't mess it up because its suppose to be vintage cool. Try it!