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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

“Summer of 2008 was incredibly wet. So when Chris, Dev, Rob, Will, and I decided to head down to Webster’s Falls for a picnic, we grabbed 2 tarps. For the majority of the afternoon it was beautiful and clear, many people were out relaxing and enjoying the weather. At around 2 pm however, some clouds built up right over our heads and started to downpour on us. We immediately grabbed the bigger tarp and tried to hold it up to keep everything dry. Chris kept looking out and inviting people under to “keep them dry” the real reason was so that we would have more hands holding the tarp up. At one point he started laughing and tucked his head back in saying “two girls in white tops just ran by”. Dev and Will immediately stuck their heads out going “Where? Where?!” and not being able to find them called out “WHITE SHIRT GIRLS COME BACK!” Sadly for them, the white shirts did not return, however we eventually did have about 30 people under our tarp keeping dry. As with most storms that summer this one ended rather quickly and everyone went back to their groups and their own picnics. But for 20 minutes on a rainy day, we were the heros with the tarp, and we brought a whole bunch of strangers together who probably never would have even spoken to each other under different circumstances.”

I wanted to keep things a bit more plain due to the fact that all the pictures have the guys in them, and I don’t think they’d appreciate it if I surrounded them with frills. This was just a simple quick little page that took me about an hour (I didn’t do much pre planning… it might go faster if I do, I also need to learn what is in each of the kits I have so I’m not constantly searching).