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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Blake as I look at this photo of you from your 7th birthday I am amazed at the young man you are growing into. At this age you are: an amazing Lego builder, a good helper, a 1st grader, a good reader, very creative, left handed—and fairly left brained too, always hungry and asking for a snack, still a little bit afraid of the dark and of sleeping alone, looking forward to being 8 and going to cub scouts, thoughtful, very talkative, like to draw and do kid crafts, have a flair for the dramatic, love to be outside, love to play on the computer, love riding your new bike, like to sing, still have a great big laugh, enjoy being at home, always asking a million questions, and love being with your grandparents. Yes Blake, that's pretty much you in a nutshell! –September 2011