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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Episode #38 -
Yep that's right! Kitty and Chena are throwing a party at the Walkabout Creek Hotel, in McKinlay, Queensland, Australia, because the kind folks at Dusty Attic let her have the lime light for the month of Feb. Now everyone knows she pretty much sucked the lime light from Jennifer's guest designer spot, BUT that's OK.

Everyone is invited for the Outback shindig! Hurry on in because Kitty has ordered up cold bowls of water for all! Maybe some biscuits too (Chena's idea). The place looks empty, but in about an hour from now, there's gonna be some partying Dusty style. Setting out a bowl of chips (chippies) at this party has a whole new meaning with this crowd.

So thanks to Dusty Attic for opening your forum up to this crazy pair. I realize you may have had to hold your breath a little bit, uncertain what Kitty was bringing to the table. But now you know! Just a cool drink is all.

(phew - she behaved all month. Now I also can rest easy!)

This was created using the wonderful Scraps Of Darkness Victoriana Kit, the Dusty Attic Chandelier small 2 pk DA0080 for added atmosphere in the hotel bar, and the Dusty Attic Decorative Trim Set DA0435.

Please visit Scraps of Darkness and grab the kit. It's filled with gorgeous coordinating scrappy goodness.

Now for the credits!
The photo was provided by Maryanne, Oziem. Thanks a million Maryanne for the inspiration. Please visit her gallery and be prepared to be awestruck. I always am.

Thanks also to Maggi Harding and her wonderful Standard Poodle, Chena, for their collaboration. Maggi is an amazing talent and has more stories over at her place.
Please visit Maggi's blog, Scrap, Travel and Bark.

Please stop into Kitty's blog.

copyright 2012 Escape kitty by Jennifer Snyder