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Give a Cheer
Give a Cheer

Journaling says: Sometimes it just melts my heart to see how wonderful you are to your big brother. You are almost always so sweet to him. You never get anything for yourself without making sure you get something for him too & if he's hurt, scared, or sick, you can't stand it. It upsets you so much to see your brother unhappy about anything. When he had to have surgery on his arm this spring, you were right by his side as much as we would let you, getting and doing absoluetly anything & everything for him. When Ya-ya had to change his bandages for the first time after his surgery, he was wincing in pain because the adhesive on them was pulling on him & hurting. You were quick to offer him your hand to hold to help him through the pain. I think you are the sweetest little sister anyone has ever had & Mason knows he is incredibly lucky to have you.
I used Inspired Blueprints sketch #12 for this one & did it for the Write a Book NSD challenge.