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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is a LO I did to chronicle my sons' 2 month checkup where he got 4 shots.

The Journaling reads:
You knew something was up as soon as I woke you at 7:45am...We never get out of bed that early. We left the house at 8:15 and headed to see Dr. Betts. Today you were getting 4 shots; you've only had one at a time so I was very nervous. The nurse weighed and measured you and then the doctor checked you out. He said your weight was in the 98th percentile, your height was in the 57th percentile and your head was in the 75th percentile. He also said you eat A LOT (well, Duh). I was worried about a red splotch on the back of your head but he said it was a birthmark and would fade over time. He also said your hips were developing fine and you had big feet. The then nurse came in again to give you those terrible shots. Honey, you screamed so loud on the first one, I didn't know if I could make it through the rest of them. I cried right along with you and held your sweet little hands. It took me a few minutes to get you calm and when you fell asleep you had the meanest, maddest look on your face. I gave you Tylenol for the first time and loved on you all day because you felt terrible. I know those immunization shots will make you feel better but it was just awful watching them hurt you like that.

The pictures at the bottom are the "before" and "after" shots.