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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

Normally when I do multi media girls I give them words, sort of a thoughtful measure of who she is but have not gotten that far with this girl yet. I made her while sharing this craft with a friend who was so excited as her girl and the entire piece took shape. I totally understand that excitement, I think we all experience it when we create something that reflects us and is beautiful at the same time!! Anyway, I have made lots of "girls", enjoyed each one but I really enjoyed making this one more than most of the others. This is my first opportunity to really "share" creating something I love. So, a bit about her outfit, I tried to create something from the 50's... reflecting
the women in the right upper corner. Her collar is a stand-up white collar, the skirt is fitted at the waist but stands out above her waist....I don' know if that is from the 50's or not! She is wearing bobby socks with ric rac on them.