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The Scraps of Darkness Oct Kit, Morticia's Wish, is the premiere Halloween Kit. The October kit is always anxiously anticipated. It's jammed with Halloween goodies, unique embellishments and fun papers. Scraps of Darkness does Halloween like no one else can. That's because Scraps of Darkness is the Kit for the Alternative scrapper.

Escape her name suggests, she's not one to stay inside if she has any say in the matter. She'd like to be outside and exploring. This is really the only time I can remember that she is actually begging to be let inside.

You see, Kitty went to a hoedown. It was an all day event. The wonderful day started outside, in the fresh air. In an effort to party well into the night and dance up a storm, silly Kitty decided a quick nap was in order to freshin up her step for a long night of fancy cat moves. As the day cooled down, the event moved inside - while Kitty was in dreamland. She awoke and no one was around.

ohhhhh boy. Big problem. Pretty little paws don't allow for very loud knocking at the door. With all the dancing, laughing and music playing inside, no one can hear Kitty knocking.

Not to worry though. Kitty's creativity and experience in being sneaky pay off. Plus her jumping skills came in handy. There was a window open, allowing enough room for Kitty to elegantly and skillfully leap inside and find herself right on the dance floor.

Escape Kitty never missed a beat. So giddyup if you want to meet up with her. I do believe she's still dancing.

Thanks for looking and please consider checking out Scraps Of Darkness -for the Alternative Scrapper - like Kitty.

Close ups and details at Kitty's blog

Copyright 2012 Escape Kitty by Jennifer Snyder