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Credits: Layered template (Blends 4, Template 2) by Jen C Designs and First Snow Collab by Mad Genius Designs and Carin Grobe Designs. Font is Shadows Into The Light by Kimberly Geswein.
Journalling reads: Snow is not something that we get to see very often. So on very rare times that we do, all the adults seem to try and experience the snow that we never really saw when we were kids. Me and Mark are no exception. So when we woke up to such a crazy amount of snow we were insanely excited. As much as we wanted to give Lukas the experience of playing in it, we were just as eager to enjoy it ourselves. After searching around the house for gloves, hats, scarves, and wellington boots we were finally ready to go outside. We raced out into the garden and after some quick photos of the scenery we were ready to start the fun part of playing. Lukas jumped on the snow covered trampoline and I managed to fall off it while trying to take photos. Mark and Lukas built a snow baby and had a little snowball fight. Eventually we got the idea to continue or snow fun at a nearby park. As we walked to the park, we had a great time looking at all of the snowmen people had created. Once we got to the park, we had a lovely time running around under the trees and shaking the branches to create snow storms on each other. Lukas was crazy enough to slide down the slide into the huge snowdrift at the bottom. We sat down on the grass and had some snow cuddles. Then just before we decided to leave and go home to warm up, I got the bright idea of laying in the grass to make snow angels. Lukas wanted to make one too but Mark refused, although we were able to convince him to climb up the climbing frame to take some photos. I may have looked more like a snow whale than a snow angel, and had to walk home with a wet bum, but we had an awesome time.