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Only 2 pics, Yay!!
This is actually something that evolved? I was feeling a bit low so I knew if I got some messy stuff out it would distract me (doesn't always work). Anyhow, ripped some paper up, covered box lid & it went from there. I knew I wanted to be more free (less stress, yeah right, lol), also more muted & no butterflies or birds (was getting predictable). I took pics outside hoping sun would show up shimmer of biscotti perfect pearls.... Umm, sun went in as soon as... Only camera on a phone so doesn't show as well. So, lots of messing about with mediums, stamps, inks & lots more. Thank you for all the visits, honestly keeps me going! Means a lot!!
If you are one who has asked about drawers? On their way, being prettyfied (translates as covering bodged bits) :))