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This fence post used to be part of a cedar tree in our rugged Twin Buttes pasture in the background. I find it eye catching each time I see it because of the two windowlike holes. I have no clue how old this post is, I am sure it has been in place since my 56 yr old husband was a child on this ranch and maybe before that. Those cedar fence posts are enduring. Cedar trees grow singly and in groups throughout the North Dakota badlands. They are drought resistant and able to grow in poor soil. Back when "it used to be" a tree, it weathered 100F degree to minus 40F temperatures. It weathered torrential rains, probably quite a few record breaking snows, multiple years of drought. It was sniffed at by coyotes, maybe nibbled on by wildlife and curious calves of our ranch. Now, it looks out over the buttes,draws and knobs enduring that same weather, getting rubbed on occasionally by our cattle and the one of my favorite objects of this type to photograph!