Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Dialogue between crow, mouse , and skeleton,written by Dr. Don Allen, my dentist.

The rooster at the bottom right is from Quick Silver.

Hpsavinos post of October 12th, called the Witches Cupboard, gave me the idea to do a Halloween page. I thought of using ribbon all the way around the edges, she used washi tape . I sure like the way the tape looks.
The purple in the background was made by smoothing gel medium over lace that has a spiderweb pattern. I cut apart a purple witches hat from the dollar store for the lace.The clear gel goes on so easily and I was able to save the lace after taking it off the page. I put some purple pearlex on, then purple metallic paint, then maybe some more pearlex.When I did this with the lace and medium, it made me think of Joycekers work . She has amazing artwork on her blog,and does a lot of texture techniques.
I went to the dollar store, I just happened to be with someone else who wanted something from there.I spotted the Halloween stuff and just started throwing things in a cart. I had seen an off the page project on Gina's Designs blog and just had to make something similar. This is not it, maybe my next project. I wouldn't have bought all the stuff if I hadn't seen that design. I may wind up using a lot decorating my house for Halloween.

The central image here is a napkin from the store. Its a crow and a mouse talking.
Theres an amythest earring on the lower left. I sure liked to wear them, but I lost one.Its on top of the skull sticker.
On the napkin I put mod podge, alcohol ink,micro beads,and unmelted gold embossing powder. I didn't heat it because I was just trying to tone down the colors a little. Also so the surface wasn't so shiny. I have to get some mat mod podge.

The skeleton is holding a bouquet of peacock feathers. She has Swarovski crystals in orange for eyes.

Im going to put some close-ups on my blog in a minute.
The chippies on the right are dusty attic. The bottom ppr is Prima,"fiery"from the Little Boo Collection.The ppr says 2008, so I guess its from then, though I just got it a LSS.
I sure hope y'all like this. Thanks for looking . Any comments would be very nice and appreciated a lot. I re read them as time goes by, kind of to reassure myself that yes, I know what im doing,lol. Sounding quite humble there.