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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

First and most important - created using the wonderful Flying Unicorns Kit of the Month foe Nov. Heart' Twilight.
They are having a month of giving to the Best Friends Rescue Ranch for Pets. Please join in the cause to save some friends.

Escape Kitty and Chena at the Rainbow Bridge:

It's been a while since Escape Kitty and Chena had a little adventure. Kitty had been enjoying the warmth of summer and the lazy days that summer brings when Chena, her best friend, appeared at Kitty's door.

"Oh Miss Kitty, are you there? I need you to come on a little journey with me."

Well Kitty is always up for some traveling, especially with Chena. They have had many a grand trip and adventure. But Chena would not tell Kitty where they were going, just to trust that she needed her dear friend Kitty to accompany her.

This time Chena had a little surprise for Kitty, full well knowing Kitty's legs get tired faster than Chena's AND that Kitty likes to take cat naps quite often. Chena came prepared with a sack for Kitty to ride on and enjoy the journey, nap a little, feel the wind in her whiskers.

Finally Chena arrived at her destination. Kitty awoke to find a strange and beautiful sight - a Rainbow Bridge, hills and lush grass , pets playing , jumping and running about in the warm sunshine.
Kitty hopped off her perch on the sack and marveled at the sight. Chena gave Kitty a smile and a wonderful poodle hug. She thanked Kitty for all the crazy adventures but it was now time for her to cross the bridge alone and join the other pets.

Chena promised that when it's Kitty's time to cross the bridge, she will be waiting for her as best friends do.

And off Chena went, tail wagging, fluffy poodle ears a'flopping, silly tongue hanging out to join old friends she had missed for some time. Oh there's Chilly and Tiffany...

Till we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.
Love Kitty

You can see so much more at her blog after you wipe those tears ( me too):

Copyright 2013 Escape Kitty by Jennifer Snyder