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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

As stated below, I removed 2 small brads and pieces of the measuring tape ribbon because it was the title (full name of child).

Scrap Pack contents

2 bamboo skewers - painted red and used as 'frame' for photo.

Bingo Card - painted red and used directly under picture.

Sand Paper - under red bingo card.

Index tab - attached to photo frame (insert with name removed)

4 gold mini brads - 2 used for birthdate under picture (2 used in title which was removed because it contained a full name)

2 gold brads - used in birthdate

Red acrylic paint - used everywhere

Measuring tape ribbon - cut up and used for birthdate also flipped over and used for title (contained name and removed for voting purpose)

Brown polka dot ribbon - used under sandpaper. dots painted red on top and bottom piece of ribbon.

Black satin ribbon - used under painted red bamboo skewer for picture 'frame'

Walnut Ink - left in original state and sprinkled around and on picture frame and birthdate tag.

Letter pieces - used everywhere (border around page, picture frame and as starting letters for adjectives)

3 Brass snap swivels - used to hold the started letters for the adjectives.

Tear apart tickets - used under black ribbon and base for birthdate embelli.