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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I fell in love with this PP when I saw it at the LSS. This is a picture of my DS on Father's Day. The journaling reads: Look at you, you are growing up so fast. Where did my baby boy go? It seems like just last week you were learning sit, crawl and walk. Now you run and climb.
Last week you needed Mom to do everything for you, this week...complete independace. If I try to help you, you look at me sternly and say "No Mom, Me do it!"
I miss my baby boy, the cuddles and snuggles and those chubby cheeks.
I am proud of the boy you're growing into, lots of pleases and thank yous and hugs and kisses out of the blue.
I love you Gavin. You're Presious and will always be my Baby Boy.