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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Done for a cool challenge- thanks Ang!

10 points for “real” handwritten journaling: in lower corner.
10 points for stitching: Stitched pp to carsdtcok
10 points for using 5 or more different fonts: junitz license plates (3), Lil Davis signage (3), Ki Rubon font (joy=1) and my icky handwriting= 8
10 points for making up YOUR OWN definition describing the feeling of ultimate joy: My "Joy" definition: Joy is... going to the beach at sunset after a long day at work and watching Cam Play in the sand and surf without a care in the world. (rest of journaling: This was before Adele and before talk of ear surgery. Life was simple.)
40 points + 10 Participation= 50

My button "shape" will be my photo mats :)
Buttons used: pg2= 60 (pg1= 58.....roflmbo! man I used some buttons up!)

Ang... just wanted to thank you for giving us license to stretch creatively this week! I did a LOT of firsts (for me) this week!

Let's see- I painted all the chipboard then doodled on it- painted the buttons, painted the Junkitz signage, painted the Lil Davis Signage, painted some flowers, and even painted *ON* some pics....roflmbo! I decided I was going to try and make photo mats with as many different things as I could- but ended up skipping the ribbon border b/c decided my 2nd page would have the points (after finishing entire 1st page except journaling)... and had to do another button frame (I like the one on my 1st page better- used better buttons lol- which is why I began painting my buttons). I also doodled on the HS photo corners and used as a photo mat- love the way that turned out! Anyway... I am very happy with my LO... it didn't scan too well- lumpy and all lol- but it is the most "fun" LO I have ever done :) So thanks for being a GREAT hostess and coming up with some very cool challenges!