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12 Days of Christmas is HERE! 12 Hot Brands Up To 50% OFF
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I love this layout because these are pictures of my mom and me on my first birthday!!MME paper, FP and MME chipboard, 7 Gypsies and MM stickers. Journaling: I admit it! I’m a birthday junkie. Blame it on my mom. She got me started. This picture shows how it all began. You see, my mom is a birthday junkie, too. On my first birthday she made this wonderful cake, dressed me to the nines and had all of the family over. I must have loved all of the attention, although looking at this picture you probably wouldn’t know it. Anyway, birthdays were huge at our house. My mom always made these grand cakes. One year she made me a beautiful Easter castle. Another year she created lovely sugar flowers and placed them all over the cake. And birthdays weren’t just a one shot deal. We celebrated for a week! There was your actual birthday, where you got to have your favorite dinner, the school birthday complete with cupcakes, the ‘friend party’- usually a sleepover, and then of course, the family celebration which was held on the weekend when all the relatives could join us. To this day, I look forward to my birthday with anticipation. In 2003, I received the best birthday present EVER. Ryan was born five days after my 38th birthday. Now we get to celebrate together! I have to admit, though, that the celebration is all about him. And I don’t mind. Being a birthday junkie means that now I get to plan the theme, buy the goodie bags, get the cake, create the invitations and do all of those fun things my mom always did for me! It’s a vicious cycle. The ‘Birthday Week’ tradition continues. And you know what? My mom laughs and tells me I’m crazy to do this all. Guess what, mom, take a look at the picture and you’ll know why… this is how it all began!