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I put these rub-ons on the LO a month or so ago. Then I had the LO in a stack of completed ones waiting to gfo in my book. I moved the stack fro something and saw that the rub-ons had all peeled off like this!!!! I watched her dumb video online and got lots of tips from everyone on how to get these to stick. I was very careful and got them on the page close to perfect----now this!! I called Advantus and they tried to say it was suer error and this has NEVER happened to anyone except me. That is plain BS cuz I now KNOW there are other people on here who have had the same problem and complained. I told them I was posting pictures online to share their cruddy product with everyone. They refused to give me a refund and said they could only send me mroe product--I bet Heidi made some sweet money off selling this yucky junky product that cost me about $15 at the LSS. They sent me some other HS stuff--the adhesive is all dried up and cruddy on that too. She needs to just give it up! She is mkaing money off us by selling us a sham product.