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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Where I get it all done. I love this place and the way I feel when working here. It's taken many years of trial and error to get it to be like this.

The bins were natural in color (came from WalMart) so I took out the bottom cardboard insert and dyed them in a bucket filled with water and Walnut Ink Crystals added.

The suitcases store our family heirlooms and histories.

I painted the paper bins with black spray paint made to cover plastic.

There is a lot of stuff in here which can be overwhelming sometimes with too many choices. It takes me at least an hour to get to and from the store to purchase or pick up supplies so I'm ultra sensitive and protective about gas and time. I opt to "stock up" which saves time, gas money and the frustration of having to put a project aside until I can get to the store or order online. But the stash doesn't conserve space. We're in the the thinking stages of downsizing so I'm going through the mental processes of minimizing my studio for when we actually do. I've never worked backwards before so this is a fun challenge. One thing I love about this space is there's a place for everything and everything is in it's place. Not every bin is filled up, but there are places so supplies and tools don't end up in piles all over the place. Not everyone can do that, I understand. And, I've learned from being a scrapbooker for over 40 years that less can be more--but for now I'm grateful to have what I want and need to work with at my fingertips.

Tip: The island is made up of two moveable kitchen islands pushed together with the self-cutting mat ordered to fit the top.
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The studio was also featured in the August 2014 issue of Where Women Create magazine.

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