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This is page 2 of a page dedicated to the relationship my oldest son has with his Grandma who he calls 'Bugga'.

The journaling reads:

Bugga. . . no one knows exactly when or why you ever came up with this name for your grandma, but somehow you did. I do remember it was about the time we moved to Lake Orion, which meant you were probably about 2 when this name came to be. Originally it was “Bonga”, and then somewhere along the line it evolved into “Bugga”. It is so funny because not only do you call her this even though you can say Grandma now, but everyone else does too. Daddy and I call her Bugga, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Sarah, Papa Miller, and even Nana and Papa Jones refer to her as Bugga. Many other extended family members also refer to her this way, it’s just a name that has descended upon her, and it even kind of suits her somehow. Caleb and Ally will probably call her Bugga too since it is the only way they know her. She has always said that she likes that you have a special name for her that no one else does. One thing I know for sure is that to you Bugga means love. The two of you have a very special relationship and I hope you always know how much your Bugga loves you!