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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is my "not so ugly" for August's Ugly Papers Challenge. I had to completely alter the pumpkin paper; I used it for the bg sheet. (If you look closely in between the bricks, you can see the orange pumpkins). I fussy cut the light bulbs and used them on the frame. Oh Anna....the Shirt....all I could do was just use it as is. I almost cut it up, but I thought well I already altered the other paper (pumpkin) I need to try to use it as it was. They concept was difficult, and I kept thinking sexy stud, and then TommyTutone's 8675309/Jenny song popped in my I thought to myself lets do a men's bathroom at a bar/nightclub. Sexy dude...seeing my number...LOL...hope he calls! HAHA Thanks for looking!