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Second life lesson in my album!

Life Lessons and Ad-on by Taylormade

Journaling: #2 We Are a Vast Array of Whites, Grays, and Blacks
This may seem obvious, but a person is not all good or all bad. A person varies between their brightest whites to their darkest blacks. We have this tendency, as humans, to assign those around us into our neat little categories. He was unkind to me, so he must be an unkind person in all facets of life. She is the sweetest neighbor; therefore, she must be a saint.
For a long time I struggled to understand why a woman I looked up to for her determination and strength, was shunned by her children. She may have been worthy of emulation in her endurance through hardships, but her children found her lacking in maternal care or warmth. This woman, like all of us, had her good and her bad. And I say even within specific categories we waver between white and black just depending on the moment. Be careful before you label a person. Remember, each of us is somewhere along the path in the gray.