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Give a Cheer

Feels sooo good to scrap again! This challenge was exactly what I needed. This will be a mini album for my children- 10 pages of my life lessons and 10 from their dad!

Life Lessons and Life Lessons Ad-On by Taylormade
Mailing Labels 2 by Taylormade and Paislee Press

Journaling: #1 Look Up & Smile!
I was a freshman in college when I learned one of the most profound lessons I've ever learned. Until then I had spent most of my life insecure and shy. I was sure people saw all the things wrong with me that I saw with myself. I was often quiet and withdrawn around strangers. One Spring day, my life changed for good. I don’t know what was said in class that afternoon- or even which class it was now!- but I know a light bulb turned on in my brain. I wasn't afraid of other people or what they thought anymore. I was ready to push those fears aside and take a leap of faith. On the walk home I did something I had never done before- I looked up and smiled. I smiled at the other students walking past me. I looked them in the eye and was amazed to see many of them look back without the judgment and disdain I had previously been sure I would find. It is one of the few times in life I have had a truly life changing moment. I can’t say I’ve never felt insecure or unsure again, but I push past that, look up, and smile. And you know what? People smile back!