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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I have had this page on my desk since V-day!!! Finally at the crop I attended yesterday at a local LSS, I was able to get it glued down and embellished! WHEW! LOVE how it turned out tho so I suppose the time was worth it!

My two babies – how I love them! This was last August/September. DS had just turned 3 and DD was almost 2 months. We were headed to DH's family to watch the first Seahawks game of the season and I was so excited to have them both in their team jerseys! We had them sit in the rocking chair in their room covered with the Hawks blanket my mom made me and after some 40 takes, we finally got a cute photo of them both! I started this during naptime on Valentine's day because I was feeling all lovey and affectionate and inspired. I have had the bg ppr and the mask done since then, but just have not had a chance to get back to it since to finish.

Anyway, this is for the Four Categories Challenge: #1 HEARTS with 2 different heart products twist. Obviuosly I met the 3 diff hearts minimum and shattered that twist requirement… LOL! Also for my Hoarders challenge – the washi is old, the flower and leaves are old and I'm not even going to guess how long I've had this Pink Paislee ppr pad in my stock…