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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Aren't we? Not only do we live in a country where we are provided free education, but we all have access to millions of books. Its probably my favorite part of living in Orange County....our library system rocks. Not only are there tons of mooks for children, but I even have access to free digital books that I can download to my phone and listen to at my while scrapping! What a lucky girl I am in deed.

This picture was taken the night before Thanksgiving last year. I knew my in-laws were going to come over the night before....I didn't know they planned to stay for most of the week. I also didn't know that my niece and nephew were also going to stay with us for a few days as well. I had planned to host the holiday, but wasn't sure how to host them for several days (especially my cleaning, shopping, and dinner prepping days). Oh well, join the madness! This picture is the cousins reading bedtime stories to DD (our normal nightly ritual). Yes DD has lots of books, but as her mind grows it is difficult to keep up with books are so expensive. Thank goodness for the Library! A new adventure every night.