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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Winter is getting closer. Thinking about the holidays that are coming up...Thanksgiving, Christmas, and before we know it, a New Year will be upon us, has me thinking snowy days and winter nights and baking. I love taking photos of food. This is a photo of a cookie that was taken during one our annual Christmas Cookie baking traditions. How much fun it is to get together with the grandchildren and bake cookies and watch their faces and hear their laughter as they decorate each one. They always do such a great job! I cherish these special moments. The kitchen is always filled with laughter, then serious faces as they really get into a certain design. There's also a few "Where's the blue?" as one needs that particular color and their both in use. My daughter and I make two piping bags of each color. Yet this is still a constant refrain :)

Thanks for looking! I truly appreciate being a part of this wonderful community! For those that leave feedback, know that each one is appreciated! Have a wonderful day! :)