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This is inspired by a Marcy Penner page Homemade Ramp ... for the Journaling Challenge : this matters because ... (I cried 3x writing this, the last sentence. )
journaling reads:

this matters because in less than two years one of you will be gone ... and then just one year latter i will lose both of you to your future endeavors. this matters because it is rare to see you both in the same room at the same time for an extended period of time. this matters because seeing you gathered around the kitchen island eating and doing homework is how we started our life in this house 11 years ago. you two ate breakfast every single morning at the stools together. you came home from school and did your homework every day sitting at this very island. it was such a routine part of our lives and now these stools hardly ever get used. this matters because while i have you both here i want to hold to these moments of family gathered around the kitchen ... laughing, eating and having fun sharing the stories of our day. this matters because some day very soon ... i will be standing in this very spot ... and your voices will no longer be heard. and i will know with every cell in my body that something is missing.

this matters. &#8203;