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This certainly isn't the best image of my mother, but I love this photo, taken outside my grandmother's house in the Winter of 1945/6, for the stories that it tells.
My parents were married in January, 1946, so this must have been around the time of their wedding. Winter lasts from early November through March in Western New York, so it's hard to be more accurate.
My father is wearing his Army Air Force hat and leather jacket, made for the brutally frigid temperatures that were found in the unheated Flying Fortresses where he flew as a waist gunner during the war. That jacket was a constant of my childhood; Dad wore it for years to do yard work. I can remember my mother mending the occasional worn spot, but it was a long time before it was finally retired.
If you look closely at the car's windshield, you'll see the "A" sticker, a sign of war-time rationing when there were severe limits on consumption of gasoline.

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