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For 15 yrs., our lives revolved around my husband's auto racing. This was how we spent our summer vacations. Every Friday, rain or shine, we headed for various race car tracks, in Canada & the U.S. for racing and camping. The hidden tag tells the story behind the song I wrote for my hubby. Later that evening, I sang it for the racing crowd at Cayuga Speedway, after the races. The pic at the bottom left shows my husband, going to the races after a craft fair, in full clown makeup. He won the race, as shown on Page 2. Everyone knows Joe for his good sense of humour.

The cartoon shown was in a Stock Car Racing Magazine, depicting an experience Joe had one Friday night, setting the fastest lap time "for old times sake".

I was inspired by Laura (Mrs. Bean) to extend the Racing ribbon at the top of the page to simulate motion. Thanks, Laura.

Thanks to all who take a peek and leave a comment for me. Much appreciated!