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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Grams lil fairy princess. She's growing so fast! One of my grandchildren and I were baby-sitting on this particular day. She was 7 months, curious, and into exploring. She tossed the stuffed animals aside and reached for the box of baby wipes. She had a field day going through that box, taking out one at a time, then tossing them onto the floor. She had a big pile of baby wipes on that floor. Then, suddenly, she became interested in one of them. She stood there completely mesmerized by this plain piece of cloth. She then sat down on the floor and ran it through her little hands and fingers, her eyes fixed on this thing. She then attempted to tear little pieces from it. I jokingly told her: "If mommy and daddy see this mess you've made, you're gonna be in trouble, little miss." Shh! But don't worry. I won't tell them . . . I'll just show them the pictures!" I then broke out into laughter. She just looked up at me, looking all innocent, with this expression of "I don't know what you're talking about." It was such a funny, memorable moment for me. Isn't it funny how the most ordinary of things can capture their attention, while all the stuffed animals and other baby toys sit there forgotten. Her mom and dad had fun going through the photos of that day. Such is the day in the life of a little one. Wouldn't trade these moments for anything!