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Everyone who follows me knows my DS and his bestie already. Two peas in separate, but connected pods. LOL! They are five days apart on birthdays and we've always coordinated our parties so that we could attend each others party. Well, five was a BIG deal this year, though neither my BF or I wanted to do the massive birthday parties in the park where we simultaneously sweat our behinds off and loose our minds in preparation. So, a few months ago (while watching Trolls for the thousandth time with these two), we got the idea to co-host a party together. The kids loved it and easily agreed on a Trolls-themed party since they both love the movie. (Seriously, they have their own dance routine to a couple of the songs!) We also determined we were going to have it INDOORS with A/C as a No.1 requirement! LOL

The kids liked the idea of bowling so we priced out lanes near us and found one that worked with our budget. We limited them to 5 friends each and then kind of let it slide until about June 1st (23 days to go-time). Did you know how fast Trolls things disappeared from the stores in three months? Do you know that nearly ALL Troll-themed party decorations are girly and Poppy only? (Note: for you non-Troll aficionado's, Poppy is the main character in the movie, the girl troll with pink hair and relentless optimism voiced by Anna Kendrick of the Frozen variety... Frozen is... alright nevermind... If you don't know Frozen yet, you are definitely under a rock. Moving on.)
I have a boy, who LOVES this movie, but did NOT want anything super girlie (he loves purple and pink though). We settled on neutral balloons because all the Troll-themed balloons were, as stated before, all Poppy. I also found him his Branch t-shirt online. It says 'How about NO!' (Branch is the grumpy boy troll voiced by Justin Timberlake. As an example of my son's love of Trolls, he has the entire theme song sung by Mr. JT memorized, including dance moves from the music video... Okay, he has most of the movie lines also memorized... something he apparently inherited from his mommy and auntie who are movie quote nuts!)

Anyway, this was the pic we snapped of them at the bowling alley before everyone showed up. I love it! I have another where Gena is smiling and Carlo is scowling exactly like their 'characters', but it just wasn't 'happy' enough for this page.

This page.... This is my Round Robin Week 3 entry following the fabulous entries by Justowen (wk1) here:

and KathyLovestoScrap (wk2) here: Kathy gave me an extra two days to get my page done.... BUT.... Life kept getting in the way last week! My mom was arriving Saturday, my DD's 2nd birthday and party was Sunday and work was nuts. SOOOO I did not even START this page until last night about 9:30pm after the kids crashed (like the Hindenburg) after the party yesterday! I'm surviving today on coffee and sarcasm as a result, but I'm really happy with how the page turned out!
I kept mostly to mood board colors, but added some of the blues from Kathy's page. I loved the paper strip idea and wanted to use some punches that have been gathering dust. I'd also like to say that, except for the two ugly papers I used, all the other papers are scraps from my stash - specifically... previous ugly papers!
So this is for my Ugly paper Challenge entry as well. The two papers I got were the pink and yellow papers. Soon as I saw them when they arrived I thought of the mood board colors and then of this photo. Pulling some older uglies out turned out to be a stroke of late-night, caffine-fueled brilliance. Then I pulled out my hand sewer and that Mambi birthday sticker pad and went to work. The ugly papers didn't come with an embellie so I used those Trolls stickers (which I'd normally NEVER scrap with)! I also probably finished off the last of those coveted Prima flowers so this all counts for my HOARDERS challenge as well!

Lastly, this is for the 5 Ingredients challenge: using yellow, circles, buttons, border and a smile (or two!); Wooden Embellishments, Not to be Squared and National Threading the Needle (7/25) and International Day of Friendship (7/30) Day challenges.

WHEW! *sips coffee*