Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is a pic I took this summer while I "wasted" some time after dropping dd off at band sectionals and while waiting to pick her up when she finished.

I started this lo for the SEPTEMBER ~ Sketch Challenge, Sketch #1(Found here: ) . I finished it!!!...a month late. it's for the OCTOBER SECOND CHANCE Challenge. ;)

I've had the "daughter" bg pp for years, waiting for just the right lo to use it on...assuming it would be for pics of dd. I decided to use it for this, though, because the whole reason behind this pic was dd and how, at times, my life revolves around her schedule....and in instances such as this, that's a good thing....I take care of her and I get to enjoy some "me" time for some things I enjoy...books and coffee and no demands/interruptions for an hour or two.