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Every year i make a documenting december album.
This will be my cover for 2018

Natali Design_Magic Season All in One

Journaling : In the morning my colleague Debbie visited me.
In terms of age Debbie could be my daughter, but Debbie
is such a nice colleague that I can laugh at and go crazy with,
but we also often have profound conversations ..
We are both feeling people, and often we are with
our ideas only because we are not followers.
. That is why our band is so close, often we can only come together.
Debbie gave her resignation last week
   to go to Thailand for 2 months, then she goes in search of other work.
I understand her decision, she has to do this NOW, not later. But at the same time makes
me this sad, because who can I go to work now
But fortunately she stays my soulmate forever.

Promotion - I received the product for free
as part of my free creative team work for the designer.

I will show the product with my layout, thanks for looking !