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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Whew! I barely finished this on time to mail it to Kansas City..... I used two new papers that I got from on this card, tons of Nuvo glue, Nuvo glitter, my trusty (but wobbly) exacto knife to make the cut outs (Santa forgot to bring my diecut machine). Oh, and I drew those "lovely" window openings by hand - using my eraser more often than my pencil.

I typically learn a lesson on each card project (I learn the hard way) (is there any other way?). This card's lesson was: "Be sure your hands are clean after stamping BEFORE returning to the card.... I had to cover up blue blob-like smears around the ovals, so (what else?) I pulled out my GLITTER! I usually try to go easy on the glitter for cards for the guys in my life, but I had to do something. Starting over was not an option. I was running late.

Hope you like it. Thanks for dropping in.