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Give cheer Give a Cheer

Sofia's 3rd birthday party was a Frozen Fever pool party.
She asked for a Frozen party and I sort of went nuts with the Frozen Fever short version (since I love sunflowers and they feature prominently in the adorable short film.)
I did all the decorations myself and made themed food based on the film. What she loved most was her cake, which was another amazing creation by our local grocery story bakery. They recreated the cake from the Fever film! And Sofia couldn't keep her fingers out of it! (That page later)

This is for Marci's 3-hour challenge: using washi and stencils.
This is also for the NSD ANY holiday/celebration challenge, NSD REAL ephemera challenge, Girl Only with birthday twist, 2-page sketch and NSD Disney challenge as well as my Hoarders challenge. I found this Frozen paper pack on clearance a few years ago. The ephemera is all the embellies I used, including the washi, were decorations I used day! I also included one of the little Snowgies that Sofia made that were one of the activities for the kids. If you've seen the short film, you know Snowgies are what appear when Elsa sneezes. They're little troublemaking baby brothers and sisters for Olaf. LOL