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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

My nephew plays the sax in a marching band and also loves movies. This is the birthday card I created for him.

On the left side on the card front is a lift up and under it is the sax music score for the song "Happy Birthday". I forgot to take a picture of it and don't know how to add it...I made the die cut "Happy Birthday" at my neighbor Joy's. (Actually, I made about 30 of them to get me through the summer.)

The inside mechanism is a fun one to do. You open the card and the folded piece holding the four pics opens up horizontally. (One of the pictures shows the mechanism.) I got the four sax pics from the Internet.

If you'd like to make this card, I followed a UTube video called "Twist & Pop Card Tutorial by Srushti Patel". Just use the Search feature and you'll find it.

Thanks for visiting my Gallery and reading my lengthy description. - Nancy/Glittery (Current sufferer of Florida's unfortunate grass pollen infestation) (accepting