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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

They are in Disney Pixar’s movie Cars for under five minutes but they somehow managed to become one of Justin’s favorite characters of the movie.

The troublesome four street-racers cause a very sleepy Mack to loose Lightning McQueen, and set the wheels in motion for McQueen's adventure in Radiator Springs.

Justin proclaimed himself Wingo. Running around the house making cars noises and saying, “I’m Wingo!” I was then dubbed DJ. I’m assuming because I always play music – just like the tricked-out tuner car with a blastin' sound system. Daddy became Boost and Chinook became Snot Rod. I’m assuming he choose that name for Chinook because he happened to have a runny nose at the time.

We are just one happy Street-racing family…2006

ScrapStreet Digital Kit: New Orleans Valentine - Sanded Red Valentine pp, Capture, Create, Captivate by Lauren Bavin Element_checked_ribbon downloaded from Ditgital Scrapbook Place, ScrapStreet Digital Kit: New Orleans Valentine stiching, Computer fonts: Verdana & Alias, Adobe Photoshop