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8.5x11 Genealogy Page

This is a church that my GGF preached once a month at in 1912. At that time he was minister of my home church but as an evangelist he was frequently asked to preach is more places than I had imagined. Then again after Catoma in Montgomery and a year in Knoxville, TN, he again preached there at least once in 1918. The news article mentions that the Germans had just been defeated.

The cool thing is that while it's my mother's GF that preached there, my father's cousins were members there for years, his first cousin led singing for about 40 years! His youngest son mentioned that there were bench seats and that if someone came and sat beside you it would pinch your butt! LOL! This little church still meets but in a much newer building.

The church was built on a property of a man that owned a sawmill. The county I am from is on the Tennessee River and the stone is Limestone. You can see awing widows opened in this photo and if you look closely you can see big fans in those windows.

Thank you to Kelly KVR_LVN for the Prima Doors, they are going to be perfect for this project! :)

Darice 5x7 Wood embossing folder