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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

12x12 Traditional Layout
I realize now I forgot to date it: 09/20/19

As a follower, fan, virtual volunteer, and monthly donator to Central Texas Pig Rescue I have had the privilege of getting to know a lot of their pigs. One who touched the lives of the CTPR Team, and me (through Instagram), was Hannah (nicknamed Hannah Bananah) who was rescued after suffering at the hands of a bad breeder.
Here is her story in the words of CTPR: "The 2nd Annual Pig Liberation Party is officially dedicated to the late Hannah. We started Pig Liberation last year after the Caldwell rescue of 133 pigs who were being bred as pets or food, and were found in disgusting, neglected, disease-ridden conditions. Hannah was our warrior - neurologically damaged from bad breeding and trauma, who regained her ability to walk and run, until a stroke put her in a wheelchair, and renal failure claimed her life. She represents the strength and resilience of pigs everywhere - pigs who learned to trust again despite abuse, pigs who are discarded and devalued for being too small or sick, pigs who deserve to be liberated and loved because of the willful, complex soul behind their eyes."

The shirt was a fundraising campaign, a cartoon version of Hannah sharing her wish for a kinder future.

I created this for the Scrap Lift the Person Before You challenge
I scrap lifted:
By TexasMomOf4
- Scrap Your Pet challenge

Photo/Journaling of Hannah created on the Project Life App.

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