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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Hello sweet friends, seriously long time no see! 

Not only have various aspects of this site changed since I last posted here (for example, the "walls" we used to comment on one another's pages appear to be gone and the forum has received a serious revamping), but so have countless aspects of my own life. 

Things have certainly been a wild ride (to put it mildly) in recent years, as many of you know. And while that ride still continues in some respects, I recently recommitted myself to paper crafting on a regular basis again.

In fact, to help me maintain that goal, on January 1st, I launched a brand new blog (, where I'll be sharing many of my new makes (and a few of my old faves alike). 

The first paper crafting project of my that I posted there is this Victorian-inspired layered die cut card. Humbly, it is one of my favourite makes to date. 

You can find lots more photos of, and details pertaining to, this card here:

I've deeply missed our community here on this site and plan to both upload and be more active in general here again from today onward. 

With all my heart, I wish each of you a serene and beautiful 2020 that abounds with positivity, creativity, and ample time for crafting.