Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Oct 2016 DD was 4 years old and after last year's attempt to all go as Jedi's together and her changing last minute to a puppy, we decided to do our own costume when she said she wanted to be Gekko from PJ Masks. Now in hind-sight I wish we went as Owlette and Cat-boy so we were all be a team. Not that hubby and I don't look adorable as Officer Hopps and Nick Wild from Zootopia, but these days I am realizing how important the family team/bond is. We could have dressed as a team and that would have been more special. Lesson learned. This year DD wants to be a pirate...I'm down with that. We can all be pirates together!

My dear friend Jen gave me the papers form this Pumpkin Hallow collection and I really wanted to figure out how to use them. And the back ground of the picture was just a busy street filled with ugly cars.... so why not right? I thought I must be crazy adding in more tree branch shadows, but I like the wicked twisted depth. I also wanted to try to recreate the glowing vibe with the glitter and the highlighter (yes office supplies) on the title. Originally the title was going to be stitched, but upon my first attempt it looks very sloppy. So I scrapped it and decided to use Sharpie and a highlighter to add depth. It kinda works.

Its not the most exciting LO, but it is a Notanavgblond Original. And after all this lifts I have done lately I am glad I flexed my noodle on this one. TFL!!!