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Every great work of art has two faces, one toward its own time and one toward the future, toward eternity - Daniel Barenboim
Meet Cherrie, the Artist - the one who puts words on a page, pictures in a book. She is the one most comfortable behind the camera. She and I are one. I know what they (whoever "they" are) meant when they discussed tortured artist. I rarely smile these days. My creativity has been channeled into convincing those around me that I am not in pain, that I am okay, that things -- no LIFE-- will get better. So I turn my inner artist to finishing my purpose, completing my mission. I journal. I scrap. I keep the books, clip articles. Often my passion to complete keeps me up at odd hours. Medications wreak havoc with an already chaotic schedule.
But enough of that. I refuse to focus on the pain. I concentrate instead, on the things that matter, the reason - or what I have come to feel is the reason- for my doing this. I see beyond the canvass and in my artistic mind's eye, my grandchildren are grown and smiling and sharing with their children the memories that Grandma left behind. The events of long ago are now fresh memories for a new generation. I see my great grandchildren asking "what was grandma like?" and my grandchildren going to their dvd collection and pulling out "Grandma's Greatest Hits" all watching the layouts flow from one to another. And I know that they all are grateful that I took the precious time to create for them, for me. That is the passion that drives this artist most of all.