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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

DearJulieJulie's Junk Journal challenge this month requires a one hardcover journal with at least 2 signatures. Any size larger than 3x5 any theme.

In addition to a paper pad the required items she picked for us spells the word SCRAPBUSTER -
S - stickers
C - Celebration items - wrapping, napkins plates, banners, crepe paper, etc.
R - Recycled i.e. junk mail , things others would toss as junk
A - Alpha Stickers or cut from magazine ransom style
P - paper scraps bits or pages from scrap pile or box
B - Book pages
U - Ugly Paper
S - Strips of paper - branding strips etc
T - Transparent Element ex privacy envelope or vellum
E - Envelopes
R - Ribbon Remnants

The required elements to make include:
S Shape Shifter (6)
C Collaged clusters (6)
R Ready Ruffles (6)
A Abstract altered Paper Clips (6)
P Pretty plentiful pockets (6) more than 1 pocket on your pocket
B Bountiful bands and borders w/ insert (6)
U Unusual Edges 6 each (6)
S Scrappy Snippet 16 inch piece (1) Must have at least 16 elements on it
T Tailored Tucks (6) (top tuck, side tuck, flip tuck, etc)
E Embellished Envelope w/insert (6)
R Recycled Rounds (6)

These are my chosen items