Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Hi Friends, Today I'm sharing a Friendship Photo Book that I made for our sweet friend Elizabeth (aka Epipkins). As many of you know Elizabeth is experiencing health issues and her birthday is coming up at the end of the month. It seemed to be the perfect time to let her know how much we care about her, and that she is in our thoughts and prayers as she recovers. I'd like to extend a personal thank you to the 22 friends who contributed to this project. Without you, this special gift would not have been possible. Each photo in the book has a special message from that individual on the backside of their respective photos. I used a book base that I recently created using G45's Brid Watcher collection. To make sure Elizabeth could easily access each photo and its message, I added an eyelet which lifted it slightly off the page. I also reworked the original ribbon closure to a simple magnet closer, which will allow it to button up easily. Elizabeth has received her gift and your well wishes for her brought her to tears. She was overwhelmed with gratitude for each and everyone of you! Thank you all so much for helping me make this gift a reality, it meant the world to Elizabeth! Hugs ~ Dawna

PS: If you'd like to send Elizabeth a card, please DM me for her address. Thank you!