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There are 28 pictures to see. Hope you look at them all. Would like to hear your thoughts.

I used to have a 12' x 21' craft room in my previous house. In 2019 I retired and we sold that house and moved into our smaller home. Now I have a 10x12 craft room (1/2 as big). needless to say I had to eliminate nearly half of my craft supplies before we moved. "Bummer." Because I have so much supply of everything I had to better organize my space so we used the Master Bedroom of the new house for my Craft Room. I will eventually get to move to the basement and have more space when we finish remodeling the basement. So I get to rebuild everything for a third time, but it will look the same.

I was able to keep all of my wall and base cabinets, but I had to eliminate 8 of my large tall cabinets. You'll see those in one of my pictures.

I spend most of my daytime working on craft projects. I just finished last month a 42 page wedding scrapbook for my best friend's daughter. Now I'm working on her honeymoon scrapbook and at the same time her mother's Hawaii vacation scrapbook. They both went to Kauai. So I can do two pages, same design, different pictures.

I hope you like what we've done with my Craft Room.

Let me know your thoughts.