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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

I am not sure how to take this? I am so glad I have you so you can help me finish the TP I hoarded in 2020? I am so glad I have you so you can unbury me from this TP I hoarded in 2020? LoL I thought I had a stamp that read I've got you covered but cannot find it or I don't have it and just thought about buying it. LoL Dizzy gray-haired woman here! I use to be a dizzy brunette at one time, but I recently turned 60 and I decided two years ago I just didn't want to color my hair anymore. It's exhausting. But that's a story for another time! I am getting off track. I found this digital stamp along with the one I colored and posted yesterday while looking for another one. Isn't that how it usually works? I don't remember getting the two stamps, but, in any event, I thought this one was way too cute to not color! Then once I colored it, I felt, I've got to give this to someone but I can't think of anyone right now. So let me sleep on that. I'm sure someone will come to mind at 3 AM and keep me up all night thinking abou it. LoL This digital stamp is from Whimsy Stamps and I think I remember seeing that the name was TP Dudley. Check him out! We were all doing without and he's got all this TP he was hoarding! LoL Don't we all know someone who did that? So I've colored him with Copic markers. The sentiment comes from a Queen and Company TP die set. The pattern cardstock is from Carta Bella Dinosaurs pack. I bought this pack of papers for a very specific stamp set and have no other use for it but I love the textured cardstock from Carta Bella. Also, I wasn't thinking it through because I realized while reading the text on the strip at the bottom, that Dudley is a dragon and not a dinosaur! So I angled the paper to cover the words that read dinosaur and all the green dots! Ugh! SMH I, of course, inked all the edges with Tim Holtz distress ink in Black Soot and the enamel dots come from Your Next Stamp or YNS, however you know it. I bought a massive amount of enamels from them one time. I'm not sure why but I am sure kicking myself over it right now because I have a whole bunch of Copics that need refilling and no money! So, my bad! Thanks for looking!