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5 quick about movies
1. What is the worst movie you've ever seen?
Trust me. I've seen it - there is ABSOLUTELY no need for anyone else to do it! It's DISGUSTING and HORRIBLE. It's supposed to be "art", but it's just pervert crap. To be honest, my first comment was that the director should be killed - then I learned someone already done that *oops*
2. What movie made you cry the most?
My friend and I cried so much at the cinema, that we started laughing. I couldn't see cuz my glasses got all blurry.
3. What is the most underrated movie?
It's a comedy, but it's not that funny really, and I guess that's why it's not that popular. But, to be honest, it's the best prediction of the future that I've ever seen.
4. What movie do you like, but are a bit embarressed about liking?
Pretty Woman.
I love all rom coms, but ... a story about a hooker getting the rich guy ... it's not really, really nice, is it?!
5. What's your favorite Disney movie?
You all probably gonna hate me now, but I am not a fan of Disney. Way too sad all the time, and often quite crappy stories. But Aristocats caught my heart when I was a kid. I mean - cats - what can go wrong?