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Bunch of Sketches 4 - hope has wings by Kitty Designs
In My Kitchen: Vegetables by Mediterranka Design
In My Kitchen: Salad Bar by Mediterranka Design
In My Kitchen: Fast Food by Mediterranka Design

Font - Please write me a song

Photos: my own

This fall it will be 8 years since me and Urban became vegetarians. Almost as long I have been subscribing to the magazine VEGO. Now that I'm organizing and sorting stuff at home, I've collected all the magazines into magazine holders.
Now I'm going to start a fun project that I have named VEGO Marathon 2022. I will look through the magazines, one at a time, pick a recipe in each issue, and cook. The first issue I have is no 3, 2015. Then it's just to cook my way through the years, until I've tried one recipe in each issue. If I will reach the end, I guess I'll just start all over again.