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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I was sitting in my chair by the window the other day and that turkey all the way to the right caught my eye as it was trying to balance on the tiny branch. I stood up and then saw five more in my small tree! And then a bunch walking on the ground under the tree!

I have seen turkeys in the field and barely on my property near the barn--but never this close to the house or in the tree! I think it is funny that they haven't done this UNTIL we have a full fence up in the front for the first time.

They just trot through the gate--except for the one that jumped/flew.

After I quietly got the tree pictures, I loudly said, "Get outta here!" And they didn't move as fast as I thought they would. They are very destructive and if I wanted poultry poop around to step in, I'd still have ducks.

I've decided to leave my outdoor Christmas lights up for awhile. It's a nice glow for the gloomy dark nights. And the timer makes it so easy--I don't have to go outside!